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People tend to focus on the end results rather than the steps it takes to get there. At BLOOM The Diet Experts, we believe that losing weight is a lifelong eating plan through which you learn to change your eating habits and learn how to balance.

Founded in 2015 by Nutrition and Health Expert Dr. Sherry Nabil, BLOOM The Diet Experts is the nutrition arm of In Shape Clinic. For three years, BLOOM has been helping more than 5000 patients to realize their nutritional needs and balance their dieting habits. Equipped with the most innovative and effective technologies in aesthetic medicine, our team of health experts and doctors use science-based diet planning programs that work according to patient-focused approaches. At BLOOM, we help our clients fulfill their goals by following individualized nutritious meal and fitness plans to fit their different lifestyles.


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Our Mission

We look beyond the numbers on scale with a less focus on limiting your choices.
Our team of dedicated health experts and doctors work vigorously to provide our clients with advanced and most effective nutrition solutions, as well as pre/post-bariatric diet planning programs to guide you to make the right choices towards a healthy and balanced life.